Account full notification? – Caution.


Have you received an email that your email account is full?

Does it say a threat, the email account would be deleted if you do not respond?

Be critical. Most of the time there is a virus or SPAM behind it:

THEMA: quota full Reupgrade: (98% full)

You will be Deactivated from using this service. Because your mailbox is almost full. Upgrade to add 25GB on your Account for free.
Use the links below to upgrade and add more space to avoid account shutdown.
Click Here
The Mail Service
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Legitimate “account full” reminders never include an “email account will be deleted” threat.

We also send mails when your account managed by us is full, but never with a “click here” and a threat like “account shutdown”. – You can contact us normally via the normal support email address if you have any questions. However, please never click directly on a link or button in such an e-mail.


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