Web Server & Website Management

Your website is ready?
The next steps

After your new website is ready, these are the next steps:

  • make your web presence visible on the Internet and
  • Keep your website technically up-to-date and secure.

For this purpose we offer special optional but recommended web packages, which start exactly here and are perfectly coordinated. You will then benefit, for example, from a common contact person who will provide you and your content team with comprehensive technical support:

Our offers for hosting and maintenance

You get space on a computer connected to the Internet to view your website 24/7.

We manage a domain (web address) for you, under which your website will be found by users and Google.

We also take care of email inboxes, matching your domains.

Our coordinated service packages ensure stability and security.

As a bookable subscription, we secure WordPress, ProcessWire and other content management systems (e.g. stores and forums) constantly against attacks on the Internet and ensure long-term stability of your systems.

We advise your content team on technical questions.