Why a maintenance contract

Continuous updates of operating systems, browsers, etc. are now part of everyday life in the online world and are increasing significantly. The World Wide Web and its forms of use are not fixed parameters, but are subject to constant change and development. Up-to-date software is the best guarantee for a long-term stable running website or your web store. Should the website be expanded, ongoing maintenance means lower costs, as we know exactly the system status and can immediately implement the new features without prior system maintenance. We also recommend timeliness to comply with security requirements, e.g. because of the GDPR. …read more

What we offer

Depending on the complexity and usage of the website, we offer three different packages to fit your needs and budgets. When you set up WordPress or ProcessWire for the first time, our BASIC service package is included free of charge for up to 3 months after going online.

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