VIP Support - Faster to the goal


If you have special requirements for a quickly reachable support service, you can reach our personal support for an additional charge

  • via a special mobile number for SMS and calls, and
  • for urgent questions also outside our regular business hours.

We can then implement certain special requests, such as switching the website offline (maintenance mode) during the less busy evening and night hours when certain maintenance work is required.

Complements web hosting
and website maintenance

VIP SUPPORT can be booked for the following service areas:

  1. Web Hosting – from package “Web-Hosting TBA-M

  2. Website support/maintenance
    – from package “TBA-Service STANDARD

If both service areas are booked at the same time for a project, our VIP SUPPORT already covers both service areas.
(The VIP SUPPORT add-on needs to be booked only 1 time).

Note: All websites managed by us receive regular automatic monitoring of whether they are accessible online. In urgent cases, we respond to reported outages even without a support order. Our VIP support covers support cases that go beyond this.

Support hours:
Mon+Thu: 10-13 and 15-18 hrs
Closed on Wednesdays (programming)
Thu+Fri: 10-13 and 15-18 hrs
preferably by e-mail,
Telephone alternatively possible

Customers with special service agreements can reach us outside these hours via SMS and mobile.