I would like to do the web hosting myself

Our TBA web hosting is intended as an additional offer to our customers, not a “must have”. Of course, you can also organize the management of your domains, e-mail traffic, online provision of your website yourself if the greatest possible independence from your website programming team is important to you or if you already have a provider.


A. External links

Your externally managed domains and/or your own e-mail servers are linked to our web server.

We take care of the website hosting and you take care of your domains or your e-mails (usually via a specialized e-mail server provider / MS Exchange, a common procedure in very large companies or in case of special data protection or confidentiality needs).

B. Own server management

You want to manage the web server completely yourself:

We would then hand over your new website to you as a file or install it for you at your provider for a fee and from the handover take care of everything ourselves.

The necessary regular tasks around the web hosting (that are among other things control measurements, server optimizations, the domain extension, e-mail facilities, security certificates) are then if necessary alone in your hands.

In case of errors, important interfaces to your company (e-mails, website, domains) can be hindered or fail. Web hosting should therefore be in competent hands in your company, security and data protection should not be foreign words.

In case you want to try it yourself:
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