TBA Web Hosting

What is web hosting?

Briefly explained in 3 sentences: Web hosting is a service that provides online delivery of websites and email mailboxes via specialized hardware infrastructure, such as a web server. It also includes domain reservation and management. Web hosting lets you ensure that your websites and email communications are always available and secure.

Note: Web hosting does not include recommended regular support, maintenance and updating of your website. We have suitable maintenance offers to support you with this as well.

When recommended?

Our web hosting service was born out of the customer’s desire to have all internet-related services performed and maintained by a single team, which is also responsible for website development. This decision keeps everything in one hand and there is a common contact person who is very familiar with the system. This enables seamless collaboration and avoids the annoying “ping-pong” of responsibilities between different service providers. Our goal is to provide our clients with an efficient and stress-free experience when it comes to their online presence.

Our web hosting service is tailored to the specific requirements and needs of our customers, whose websites and requirements we know exactly. Our years of experience have taught us which hosting package is best for our clients.

We offer:

  1. A reliable and powerful hosting environment
    With Web hosting you’ll have access to a Web server that is connected to the Internet 24/7. This ensures that your website is always accessible. Our web hosting service will provide you with a reliable and secure hosting environment for your website. Our servers are located in Germany and FranceGDPR).

  2. Managing your email mailboxes
    Web hosting lets you set up email mailboxes for your domain. This allows you to create professional email addresses for your company and centralize your communications. (An e-mail from team@meine-firma.de looks more serious and professional than an account via anonymous providers, e.g. from meine-firma@gmail.com.) We support you in setting up your e-mail inboxes and ensure that your e-mails are received and sent securely and reliably.

  3. Connection of own e-mail systems
    If you want to manage your e-mails yourself, e.g. use MS Exchange, we will provide the necessary links to your domain managed by us.

  4. Support and advice
    With web hosting, you always have an experienced partner at your side to help you with questions and problems. Our team offers expert advice and support for all aspects of your web hosting.

When not recommended?

We have two target groups in particular in mind, to whom we cannot offer our high-performance packages and recommend alternatives. In short: too big, too special, too small…

A. Large customers with in-house IT and special requirements

Web portal for production or extensive webshop
An example is a print store website that enables job configuration and uploading of large print files. Normal web hosting servers are designed more for marketing and e-commerce on the usual scale, but not for managing huge amounts of data. We often suggest here that production software vendors or web stores provide the web technology they need themselves (rather than pure API interfaces).

Tip: In such cases, TBA can still contribute its core competence: Brand management, design and user guidance for the user interfaces of the integrated special software / external store system, as far as these are visually adaptable.

B. Niche and small customers

Niche providers with special requirements
In niche markets, for example, it can happen that a website continues to be used because special software is used there for which there is no better alternative, and this system, for example, absolutely requires certain web server systems that we do not offer.

Companies without a marketing budget
Some companies want to keep their web hosting costs as low as possible because they believe that a high-end service does not add value to their needs. This could be the case, for example, for suppliers with end-of-life products that do not plan for a regeneration phase or growth. These customers are not looking for quality, a “goes somehow” package at the budget hoster is enough.

Small customers/private customers
Some customers are satisfied with small websites or web business cards that are rarely changed and do not require user interaction. For these customers, professional web hosting is honestly not necessary and they can use simpler solutions.