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TBA Tim Becker Artwork Berlin Hamburg

► TBA-Berlin:

Website - Hosting
Website - Maintenance
Technical advice

► TBA-Hamburg:

Brand strategy
Logo design
Corporate Design
Web design
Motion Design/Animation

FinConcept was an innovative real estate financier with an associated family office. The company planned and managed capital accumulation, asset investment, pension provision, risk hedging, financing and capital procurement.

FinConcept was characterized by its 100% independence from the industry and brought a breath of fresh air to the financial business. The company attached great importance to a modern, young and innovative brand image.

FinConcept was migrated to another company in 2024.

TBA Tim Becker Artwork Berlin Hamburg

TBA-Hamburg - Tasks

Our office in Hamburg is responsible for brand development and design at TBA and describes its services on its own website:

TBA Tim Becker Artwork Berlin Hamburg

TBA-Berlin - Tasks

  • Responsible for the web hosting of the website.
  • Keep the website up to date via a maintenance contract.

The images presented were created during the project delivery (website launch). As websites are constantly evolving and are often updated by clients, current websites may differ from these examples.

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