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Brand strategy
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The Radiological Alliance is an association of freelance and independent specialists with 17 locations in and around Hamburg as well as the PET/CT Center and the Interdisciplinary Center for Radiosurgery (iCERA).

More than 80 doctors offer patients a complete range of services: radiology (MRI, CT), neuroradiology, nuclear medicine, breast diagnostics, radiotherapy and radiosurgery (Gamma-Knife). [Stand 2024]

TBA Tim Becker Artwork Berlin Hamburg

TBA-Hamburg - Tasks

Our office in Hamburg is responsible for brand development and design at TBA and describes its services on its own website:

TBA Tim Becker Artwork Berlin Hamburg

TBA-Berlin - Tasks

The challenge of this multilingual website was to present all the extensive services clearly as a group website and at the same time offer each practice its own platform. Despite the extensive information, the website should answer all questions quickly and be easy for patients to use.

When it was launched, the website was so modern, functional and scalable that it met all the growing requirements of the Radiologische Allianz. For this reason, the Radiologische Allianz used it unchanged for 10 years.

(The Radilogical Alliance has been integrated into the StarVision Group since 2024).

Individual requirements for the front end

Group portal:

  • Overview of all practices with city map and sorted by district, with links to their respective portal pages.
  • Clear presentation of all doctors and research assistants with their CVs, filterable by practice or services offered.
  • Clear presentation of all examinations and therapies with details of which practices and doctors offer them.
  • Printable instructions for patients to prepare for examinations.
  • Possibility for GPs and patients to download general information brochures and material.
  • Clear visual indication of whether the user is currently on the general portal page or the respective location page (differentiated by practice and private practice), and a navigation aid.
  • SEO with the special task of minimizing repetitions (“keyword cannibalization”) on portal and site pages through a clever website structure.
  • Extensive news section
  • A sidebar menu offers an alternative, simple way to get to the desired pages, the complexity of this feature is hidden.

Location portal:

  • Prominently displayed office hours, contact details, directions, HVV and parking options as well as a photo of the entrance area to make it easy to find.
  • Selection of all doctors working there.
  • Selection display of all methods offered there (with all information from the group page) and alternative practices if a desired method is not offered.
  • Selection display of all devices available there (as modern top devices are a special quality feature for radiologists).
  • Option to download test results via an external protected portal.
  • Simple feedback form with rating option.
  • Special layouts and features for private practices.

Appointment booking:

  • Appointment booking via Doctolib.
  • Appointment booking via WhatsApp.
  • Telephone appointments for private patients.
  • Appointment booking via a callback form with selection of the desired practice – depending on the examination offered.
  • Protected access for GPs to enter appointments for their patients directly.
  • Easy way to cancel an appointment.


  • Job offers: Detailed job presentations with link to“Google Jobs
  • Doctorate: Extensive information on cooperations with universities, memberships in specialist societies, medical physics offered with their research and specialist contributions.

Individual requirements for the backend

The backend should be clearly laid out and user-friendly to enable internal users to manage it independently without a long training period.

  • Structure and navigation: The structure of the backend exactly mirrors the structure of the frontend. A page to be edited can be called up directly from both the backend and the corresponding frontend page.
  • Plausibility check: Very precise plausibility check of all entries to minimize incorrect entries.
  • Automatic cross-links: Implementation of automatic cross-links between the portal page, location pages, doctors, methods and devices. When a new practice is added, for example, doctors, methods and devices are assigned once. All other links, such as linking a doctor back to the associated practice, are made automatically.
  • Version management and backups: There is version management and automatic backups to enable recovery in the event of incorrect entries.
  • Approval system: An optional system is integrated in which changes must first be approved before they go live.

Responsive Design)

Our websites work automatically on all common browsers and mobile devices and adapt accordingly (“responsive”).

Example pages frontend

Structure and backend

The images presented were created during the project delivery (website launch). As websites are constantly evolving and are often updated by clients, current websites may differ from these examples.

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