Real value partner

Financing through partial sale
a property with immediate payment

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TBA Tim Becker Artwork Berlin Hamburg

► TBA-Berlin:

Website - Hosting
Website - Programming
Website - Maintenance
Technical advice

► TBA-Hamburg:

Brand strategy
Logo design
Corporate Design
Web design
Motion Design/Animation
Print design

RWP Realwertpartner offer financing through the partial sale of a property with immediate payment. The seller can remain in their own home, with lifelong right of residence and use.

TBA Tim Becker Artwork Berlin Hamburg

TBA-Hamburg - Tasks

Our office in Hamburg is responsible for brand development and design at TBA and describes its services on its own website:

TBA Tim Becker Artwork Berlin Hamburg

TBA-Berlin - Tasks

In addition to hosting and maintaining the website, TBA-Berlin’s task includes in particular the programming of extensive and detailed online special calculators. These make it possible to calculate the approximate conditions and proceeds to be expected for the partial and total sale of a property without obligation on the website. The calculator can easily be kept up to date with current interest rate tables and works on both desktop computers and mobile phones.


Example calculator

The calculator is for demonstration purposes and does not contain any real values.

Computer programming by TBA-Berlin.

The images presented were created during the project delivery (website launch). As websites are constantly evolving and are often updated by clients, current websites may differ from these examples.

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