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► TBA-Berlin:

Website - Hosting
Website structure
Website - Programming
Website - SEO
Website - Maintenance
Technical advice
Training courses

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Brand strategy
Logo design
Corporate Design
Web design
Motion Design/Animation
Print design
Packaging design
Trade fair design

“Feeding love” is the guiding principle of SEITZ, a renowned manufacturer of premium pet food from the north of Germany.

Known for its use of high-quality, natural ingredients and the absence of synthetic additives, SEITZ offers perfectly balanced food for dogs and cats. They develop and produce a rich and carefully combined selection of complete feeds for business customers (contract manufacturing/private label) and end consumers.

In addition to different varieties, the range includes canned wet food, sausage products and frozen food (BARF).

TBA Tim Becker Artwork Berlin Hamburg

TBA-Hamburg - Tasks

Our office in Hamburg is responsible for brand development and design at TBA and describes its services on its own website:

TBA Tim Becker Artwork Berlin Hamburg

TBA-Berlin - Tasks

SEITZ has three websites:

  • The company website, SEITZ TIERNAHRUNG
  • A special page for SEITZ BARF (special, species-appropriate frozen raw meat)
  • A special page for the company’s own SEITZ HOFLADEN

The TBA-Berlin supported the TBA-Hamburg above all in the development of the interactive elements of the website:

We programmed a module according to special requirements that enables customers to find stores in their vicinity that stock SEITZ products. In addition, we developed a calculator to accurately determine the daily food requirements for dogs, based on predefined designs and the SEITZ product range.

Furthermore, TBA-Berlin was commissioned with the search engine optimization of the three websites in order to separate the content in the best possible way and to reduce the so-called “SEO keyword cannibalization”.

In addition, TBA-Berlin hosted the three websites and took over their maintenance.

Responsive Design)

Our websites work automatically on all common browsers and mobile devices and adapt accordingly (“responsive”).

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The images presented were created during the project delivery (website launch). As websites are constantly evolving and are often updated by clients, current websites may differ from these examples.

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