Functional pyjamas
for getting dry

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With its functional pajamas, Sliepmatz helps children to get dry in the transitional period after the diaper.

Sliepmatz has developed pajamas for toddlers who no longer want to wear a diaper at night and sometimes wet the bed.

The sliepmatz® pants have a regular cut and are equipped with extra inner pants that absorb moisture and keep it inside.

This keeps the bed dry, but the child notices and learns from it. Simply wash your legs, dry them and put on a new pair of pants – less stress and less laundry!

TBA Tim Becker Artwork Berlin Hamburg

TBA-Hamburg - Tasks

Our office in Hamburg is responsible for brand development and design at TBA and describes its services on its own website:

TBA Tim Becker Artwork Berlin Hamburg

TBA-Berlin - Tasks

We host the SLIEPMATZ e-commerce website on our web servers.

We also take care of website maintenance and provide advice on search engine optimization and technical issues relating to the store.

The images presented were created during the project delivery (website launch). As websites are constantly evolving and are often updated by clients, current websites may differ from these examples.

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