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ProcessWire or WordPress

CMS: ProcessWire or WordPress? With two content management systems, ProcessWire and WordPress, we can offer a wide range of capabilities. Both systems complement each other perfectly. ProcessWire is programmed for you exactly tailored to your project, with WordPress we combine ready-made templates and third-party plugins. A brief comparison from our perspective Author: Carl Erling Summary…

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ProcessWire 3 is here!

A few days ago the new version of the content management system ProcessWire was released. The update includes many new welcome features and improvements. Customers with a SERVICE contract will receive the update automatically installed and adapted to their system.

WebYep – Support end

For our customers using the content management software “WebYep”, which was discontinued in 2012, we temporarily offered our own support. This support expired at the end of 2015. By now, almost all of our customers have taken advantage of our switch offers to WordPress or ProcessWire, or have had WebYep deactivated when no longer needed.

Web Application Firewall

In the last 6 months we had successfully tested a web application firewall for our own domain TBA-Berlin.de. This is software that always precedes other installed web programs and checks for unusual actions or even intrusion attempts according to certain filter systems.

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Adobe Golive Actions

Thank you for your request for our Adobe Golive® Action plugins. Our software extensions had been discontinued when Adobe decided in 2008 to discontinue and migrate Golive® into their Dreamweaver® product. The world of web development has changed a lot in the last decade and most of the features provided with our software is not needed anymore, anyways.