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PIWIK is now Matomo

The popular open-source SEO web analytics software has been renamed. TBA has already modified the privacy statements of our customers with service contracts accordingly.

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SEO Fraud – New wave of spam – Detect fraud and spam

Is it possible to get SEO optimization for a one-time fee of 190 Euro? Daily rates of SEO experts – depending on qualification, number of clients, complexity and competition – can range from 300 to several thousand euros. Surely you should grab it at such a bargain? Right?

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Trend: Web design for mobile devices becomes a priority

Optimizing websites for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) is now a necessity. Until now, websites have been created primarily for desktop computers. At first it was a nice “extra” to prepare these pages so that they also work optimally on mobile devices, e.g. through a good “Responsive Design”. In the meantime, this situation has changed fundamentally, as access to Internet pages using mobile devices has increased enormously.

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