Price reductions for TLS/SSL certificates as of 2021

  TLS Certificates (historically also called SSL Certificates) are subject to market price fluctuations. As of 2021, new prices for TLS certificates have dropped again due to price changes from our provider. This is how much a certificate costs with us – incl. TBA-Update-Service – now again only 36 Euro/year net (equals 3,50 Euro/month). Wildcard…

New encryption (TLS) for e-mails

Starting today (6/16/2020), our provider will start adjusting the TLS versions on our mail servers.
This means that the security level of the encryption is increased. Most email programs should have no problem with this and continue to work seamlessly.

A Data Center

Web server upgrade and move to Strasbourg

Dear customers, In the night of 26.10. to the 27.10. (Tuesday, early morning hours) we receive a server upgrade to the latest hardware and software. During this routine maintenance, your web presence may be temporarily unavailable. What’s new: EU server location: Strasbourg, France – Brand new state-of-the-art data center! (Before that our server location was…

A Data Center

Web Server Platform Upgrade 2020

Dear customers, We regularly upgrade our DF1 web server to keep up with the latest technology in a rapidly changing tech world. Also in the future we would like to offer you a secure and up-to-date platform for your websites and the applications running on them! Key Features – 2020 Server Update A) Server Platform…