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Our email servers have powerful spam filters. This allows unwanted advertising and virus deliveries to be flagged or rejected altogether. We will show you how to set these filters.

By default, the filter only marks found spam mails in the subject, but delivers them.

This is the default setting, as we never delete emails without asking.

Tip: With your own e-mail program, you can create a rule that sorts away e-mails with the note “(Spam)” in the subject into a folder. This means that these e-mails no longer disturb you and you can occasionally check how the spam filter is working and whether a “good” e-mail was among the marked e-mails.

The reason for checking the filter: For example, the word “sex” and “Viagra” may be a spam indicator for the normal user, but normal for a doctor as a recipient. Whether the filter works correctly for your own needs, you should therefore first observe for a while.

The filter can also be set to reject such mails instead of delivering them.

This is useful if it turns out that your filter does not make any mistakes, i.e. it did not occasionally mark “good” mails as “spam” in the past.

Where you can change the e-mail password on the TBA-Berlin server, you can also set the spam filter.

Procedure if you want to set the filter yourself:

  1. In the top menu of this TBA-Berlin website (black bar, top right) click the link “Your e-mails”.
  2. On the page that then appears, click on “Change settings” in the page menu on the right.
  3. There click on “E-mail settings” (blue button)
  4. On the page that appears, log in with your email and password.
  5. There click on the tab “Spam-Filter”.
  6. Here the filters can be adjusted as required.

The following settings are available:

  • TURN OFF – good if you prefer to use only your own spam filters
  • MARK SPAM – Spam is marked in the subject but delivered (default setting). This helps to control how the filter works. At the same time, it’s so easy to create a rule in your own email program that sorts spam away so it doesn’t bother you.
  • SPAM DELETE WITH NOTIFICATION – The email will not be delivered. The sender is notified (recommended). The sender learns that his e-mail did not arrive and can react.
  • SPAM DELETE WITHOUT NOTIFICATION – The email will not be delivered. The sender will not be notified. A spammer will not know if he was successful (neither will your legitimate sender).

We will also be happy to make these settings for you. Please write to us and let us know the email address and what you want.

By the way:

  • Changing an email password protects against the email address being misused (identity theft, etc.). It does not protect against spam on principle.
  • We also provide a proprietary filter system as needed instead of our normal filter, allowing you to set all the filter criteria yourself. However, this is only recommended for professionals and “hobbyists”.

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