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Dangerous “mailbox full” messages

Criminal online scammers are increasingly attacking email accounts. These are often the gateway to further information: For example, many websites offer to send forgotten passwords to an e-mail address. And already you have access to such a web account, if you have access to the linked e-mail account. The fraudster can also shop under a false identity, disturb friends and business partners, or even blackmail with the captured emails.

There are some particularly nasty emails on the way at the moment. These pretend to be a system message about a full mailbox. If you click on something there, installation files reload on mobile devices or a fake log-in form appears on desktop PCs. Once you’ve entered your email password, you’ve lost it. Example:

  1. Dangerous "mailbox full" messages



  1. If you receive any notification regarding email accounts managed by us, please notify us. We check the facts of the case and can usually offer a solution straight away.
  2. On this website you can check if your email address appears in known hacker collections and quickly change your password if necessary.


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