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What makes our marketing approach different?

Twenty years ago, it was recognized that it would be more effective and purposeful to deliver only personal and relevant messages to the people who want to receive them.

In the meantime, a paradigm shift is taking place: today, modern marketing helps the customer to make a purchase decision. In return, the customer helps us to develop ever better products and arguments. In the end, the customer becomes our brand ambassador. Today, the dialogue between customer and market is increasingly taking place directly online.

Ten years ago, the term “inbound marketing” was defined. From then on, websites were no longer one-way streets, but an interactive, growing platform offering solutions (in the form of products or services), among other things.

The big difference to classical marketing is that we do not disturb or persuade the customers, but offer something helpful that makes them come to us willingly and voluntarily (PULL). Purchases are made on their own initiative.

The verbal and visual content and messages have something attractive and convey added value, relevance and quality.

How exactly does modern online marketing work?

Our marketing approach aims at being found by the respective desired target group via perfectly tailored content. These should then come and stay consciously and voluntarily – attracted by what we have to say and show.

For this purpose we realize high-quality content, which in the best case solves a problem of the target group. We want to encourage the target group to allow us to provide them with content on an ongoing basis (opt-in). We want to find out exactly what our target group needs and we want to communicate what we have to offer. It is a matter of earning attention, not forcing it. This ultimately leads to a convinced purchase and repeat purchase.

Possible components of our online marketing are:

What is the process?

Generate attention

This step is primarily aimed at potential new customers.

In order to attract the right customers, it is important to create high-quality content that is in line with the brand. At best, this content should have added value, i.e. solve an urgent question or problem – and it should be free of charge. This kind of content should be promoted accordingly, i.e. via SEO, social media, influencers, guest posts, viral etc.


The aim is initially to inspire interested visitors to the online platform in such a way that they voluntarily give permission to provide them with further information – whenever we want.

In so-called call-to-actions, visitors are given the opportunity to leave contact details (at least an e-mail address). Among other things, appealing landing pages, forms, etc. are used.

Of course, the purchase of a product or service also counts as a conversion success.

This process is a closed loop. Whether it is a new customer, an existing customer or a stakeholder, the principle of our online marketing enables a holistic approach and creates an effective, direct and pointed form of communication.


After a visitor has become a lead, there are various measures to deepen the contact and, at the latest, to turn a prospect into a customer. An effective and discreet communication channel is email marketing, as it can also be easily automated and is cost effective.

From the very beginning CRM can play an important role, because besides a good customer relationship important market and target group information is gained.

Continuously inspire

Even a satisfied customer wants to be delighted again and again. Therefore, all existing customers are also provided with free content that offers added value. This can also include surveys, which incidentally provide valuable insights into the market.

All measures and methods used should be continuously analysed with regard to their potential for optimisation.

What services does the TBA offer?

Our online marketing is composed of coordinated methods and actions. These can be booked with the TBA individually, in effective bundles or as a complete service.

Which means are used depends on the one hand on your goals and on the other hand on how profound and long-term the measure is to be used. As a rule of thumb, successful modern online marketing is somewhat more expensive at the beginning, but then quickly pays for itself and can be significantly cheaper and more effective than traditional advertising.

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