Domain Renewal Reminder” e-mail

Sometimes domain owners receive reminder emails in English that their domain will expire if they do not respond. You can safely ignore such emails with us: With the German providers we use, domains are renewed automatically (until cancellation).

Did you get an email like that in English?

Dear _________

Your domain, is due to expire on _________. It is mandatory, that you receive this email for each domain you own, 28 and 7 days prior to your domains expiration date.

Please contact DomainFactory GmbH for more information on how to renew your domain.

Don’t worry, this email can be ignored.

The message you received is based on a new policy from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The provider is obliged to send such e-mails. Unfortunately it is currently not possible to disable this message. The background is that it is often common practice abroad not to renew domains unless the owner orders a renewal beforehand. The email is a reminder of that. In our case, however, the procedure is exactly the opposite:

We always renew domains automatically through our providers until they are cancelled. No action is necessary on your part.

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