Encrypted data transmissions

A Data Center
Time and again, confidential data may need to be exchanged with customers or teams. For these purposes we recommend some systems and others rather not. Here is our little overview.

This list is not exhaustive and circumstances are constantly changing. Enclosed is an overview of common procedures, as of 2017:

According to our policies we trust:

  1. The Swiss messaging system Threema * **
  2. Email encrypted with S/Mime using SSL (if set up correctly) *.
  3. E-mails encrypted with OpenPGP using SSL (if set up correctly) *
  4. Emails encrypted with Apple “iMessage “**

We currently trust rather not:

  • Gmail**
  • Skype**
  • WhatsApp *

We currently do not trust:

  • Unencrypted e-mails
  • WeChat
  • SMS*

Of course, we can communicate with you as a customer in many ways. To customers, these lists are only recommendations, but in our teams they are obligatory.

*Additional info:

**Self-reported information from providers:

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