Fake Domain Abuse Reports on the Way

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We are receiving bogus "Domain Abuse Reports" threatening to shut down one of our customers' domains if you don't download and open a file from somewhere within 24 hours. Of course! I'd love to!

Don’t panic! – A classic attempt to spread viruses or intercept data with an extortionate hoax.

Please disregard the mail and delete it immediately.

  1. None of our domains are on any “blacklist” anywhere.
  2. The trail of the mail leads to a (presumably hacked) German server.
  3. The website DomainCop-net locks out Google, that’s typical. (do not call this website!)


Dear Domain Owner,

Our system has detected that your domain: XXXX LINK REMOVED XXX is being used for spamming and spreading malware recently.
You can download the detailed abuse report of your domain along with date/time of incidents. XXXX LINK REMOVED XXX

We have also provided detailed instruction on how to delist your domain from our blacklisting.

Please download the report immediately and take proper action within 24 hours otherwise your domain will be suspended permanently.

There is also possibility of legal action depending on severity and persistence of your abuse case.

Three Simple Steps:
Download your abuse report.
2. check your domain abuse incidents along with date and time.
3. take few simple steps for prevention and to avoid domain suspension.


Please look into it and contact us.

Best Regards,
Domain Abuse Admin
DomainCop Inc.
Tel: (139) XXX XXXXX

Note: We offer to check suspicious mails for customers with a service contract.

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