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Due to technical developments, passwords have to be longer and longer in order to continue to provide adequate protection. A password management program helps to keep track.

You need passwords everywhere now. You should always use different passwords so that someone who finds out the password to a poorly protected website doesn’t use it to get your account information and emails just because the same password may have been used there. The list of passwords is endless if you want to get everything right.

Password management software helps remember the many passwords needed to stay safe. You only have to remember a password (hopefully a nice long one, with at least 16 characters!) and the program then shows the stored password and conveniently enters it according to the called website.

Two ways:

Solution 1: internal password management of the browser

Almost all Internet browsers have password management built in. These browsers can remember passwords typed into a website on demand. Attention: Whoever has access to the browser will then automatically have access to the respective websites.

The browsers can also be set so that a “master password” must first be entered before the stored password is selected and entered on the website. Only with this master password are the passwords in the browser protected against unauthorized access, so this should be used.

If you always use the same browser on only one computer , and you only have access to it yourself, this solution might be enough for you. Just test it.

Solution 2: A specialized password management program (recommendation)

How convenient would it be,
to have password management program that works for any browser, also works on iPhone and iPad or Android mobile and also syncs with other Apple and Windows PCs you own?

The good news is that such programs exist. Our recommendation at the moment: 1Password. If you don’t mind that it’s in English, you’ll get a perfect and very secure program, which you won’t want to miss after a short training period. The program comes from the Mac world, but is now also available for Windows computers.


A current FAZ article from August 2o22 on the topic:

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