New prices for SSL Certificates 2020

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Starting in 2020, new SSL certificate prices will apply due to price increases from our provider.

What changes?

Starting in 2020, new prices for SSL certificates will apply due to another significant price increase by our provider. This is how much a certificate costs with us – incl. TBA update service – in future 60 Euro/year (corresponds to 5 Euro/month). We charge certificates per calendar year.

Alternatively, you can of course have your own certificate installed (an installation fee applies, you organise any necessary extensions after expiry).

What are certificates and why are they important for websites?

SSL certificates ensure a secure data connection from the browser to the website. Encrypted websites can be recognized by the URL: There is no longer “http://” at the beginning but “https:// (with “s”). In addition, the browser usually shows a small lock icon. SSL certificates are usually valid for 1 year and must then be renewed manually. (The manual renewal is normally done by the TBA).

In addition to advantages with search engines through improved ranking, SSL encryption of the site also makes sense because the user gains more trust in the website: data streams are better protected from monitoring and manipulation. If, for example, forms or user logins are used on the website, encryption of the website is even required by law (GDPR). Certificates are required for such encryption.


  • Secure data transfer with https encryption
  • Protect login area and form (GDPR obligation)
  • Protect Webshop
  • Improve SEO ranking
  • Prevent “not safe” warnings from Google and web browsers
  • More success for your website through trust and clearly visible seriousness
  • We use branded products from a leading SSL certificate provider
  • We take care of the booking, installation and renewal after expiry, you do not have to worry about anything
  • Alternatively, you can have your own certificate installed (installation fee.)

What are Wildcard Certificates (optional)

The wildcard certificate is valid for a domain and all its subdomains, e.g.,, (With simple certificates, you would need a separate certificate for each subdomain. Wildcard certificates are worthwhile compared to several individual certificates from about 3 subdomains, or if subdomains change continuously).

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