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Important information for concert visitors!

TBA-Berlin - no live concert

No club events / no concerts
at TBA-Berlin, Web-Services, in Schöneberg

Sorry, folks:

Here at Eisenacher Strasse 119

there are no concert events!

Dear concertgoers and friends of music,

our Google company entry of TBA-BERLIN Büro für Webdesign in Eisenacher Straße in Berlin-Schöneberg is currently incorrectly linked by Google to an event calendar of a company that is not ours.

Also, some ticket and lifestyle websites incorrectly list us as an organizer.

It goes viral. As a result, young fans call us for tickets and don’t want to be turned away on the phone. Or they make the long way to Schöneberg and ring our office bell in the evening because they expect an underground club concert here. This address is obviously and from the outside clearly recognizable an office for web design in  a residential and commercial building – and not a club venue.

Too bad for the people who made the long way to Schöneberg for nothing. We have been doing web design for 20 years. No concerts in the house!

Complain to the organizer

There has apparently been a concert promoter/underground club called TBA Berlin for some time, apparently without its own website and with poor promotion.

Please contact this organizer and complain there (or where you got your ticket) if he misleadingly sends you around as a concert visitor.

Be critical of info from the web

Maybe be a little more critical with online media and ask yourself if a piece of information from the web is plausible to you before you buy a ticket or even get on the subway to get here.

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