Old Internet Explorer versions become a risk

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In the just delivered February update of "Windows" many security holes in "Windows", "Office", and the two included browsers "Internet Explorer" and "Edge" are plugged again. We recommend our customers to use only a "Windows" version 7 or higher, to install the security update as soon as possible - if this is not done automatically - and to allow the automatic installation of updates in Windows.

We know that companies with expensive special software (e.g. medical practices) have a hard time with updates of the operating system software. However, if your special computer is connected to an internal network or even the Internet, you should take action.

Older versions of the “Internet Explorer” browser (“IE”) now no longer receive updates and become a security problem!

Security problem means, for example, that malware can be infiltrated: Your data can possibly be read and manipulated on your computer from the Internet, e.g. patient data, bank data. It is possible that your office computer can be completely controlled remotely (“zombie” computer) and can be used for criminal activities of third parties.

Even if you use “Google Chrome” or “Firefox” as your browser, “Internet Explorer” should also be kept up to date. If you are using a newer operating system than “XP” and have activated “automatic updates”, you will probably already find current versions of the browser on your computer. Otherwise, you should act now at the latest:

  • “Vista” users should use at least IE 9″ (or upgrade from “Vista” to “Windows 7” or newer).
  • “Windows 7” users should update to “IE 11”.
  • “Windows 8” users should upgrade to “IE 11”

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