PIWIK is now Matomo

The popular open-source SEO web analytics software has been renamed. TBA has already modified the privacy statements of our customers with service contracts accordingly.

The race-renowned SEO software PIWIK has been renamed Matomo. The background for the name change can be read at matomo.org. We want to help spread the word quickly.

A special feature of this open source software for statistical analysis of websites is that all the data collected remains in-house and is not shared with outside analysis companies. Unlike Google Anlaytics, for example, where Google profits handsomely from the data it collects.

Mamoto also announces a new version of its software that specifically addresses the needs of the new EU data protection laws. This makes it easier for website operators to remain data protection compliant in the future and still keep an eye on website usage.

TBA has already updated the privacy statements of our customers who have websites hosted with us under service contracts.

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