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Price reductions for TLS/SSL certificates as of 2021

TLS Certificates (historically also called SSL Certificates) are subject to market price fluctuations.

As of 2021, new prices for TLS certificates have dropped again due to price changes from our provider.

This is how much a certificate costs with us – incl. TBA-Update-Service – now again only 36 Euro/year net (equals 3,50 Euro/month).

Wildcard certificates, including any number of subdomains, now cost 180 Euro/year net and are worthwhile for domains with 4 (or frequently changing) subdomains.

We use certificates from starfieldtech.com.


What do you need TLS certificates (SSL) for?

This is about the encrypted use of a website. “TLS” means “Transport Layer Security”. (In previous versions this encryption was called “SSL”.

You can recognize an encrypted connection to a website in the Internet browser by the fact that the web link in the address field of the browser begins with “https: //” instead of “http: //”. There is also a lock symbol in front of it.

Good reasons for encrypting a website:

  • Encryption means that data that a user transmits to a website and what exactly he is doing there cannot be read by third parties.
    Many websites usually require TLS encryption for security reasons.
  • Encryption according to the GDPR to protect the transmission of confidential content is now mandatory. For example, if you use forms on the website or you can log in there, you cannot avoid encryption.
  • In addition, Google has withdrawn trust from websites without encryption and marked them as unsafe in the Chrome browser.
  • In addition, encryption ensures improvements in search engine optimization (SEO), because encryption is a quality feature of a high-quality website at Google.

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