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Is it possible to get SEO optimization for a one-time fee of 190 Euro? Daily rates of SEO experts - depending on qualification, number of clients, complexity and competition - can range from 300 to several thousand euros. Surely you should grab it at such a bargain? Right?

Once again, a spam email from a supposed SEO provider has washed up with us. Always the same scam, today they call you “Paul Schuster”, tomorrow they call you something else. One of our customers has asked us for such an unbeatable SEO offer. Therefore, here we will give you concrete tips on how to spot such SEO scams and spam.

SEO is time-consuming, long-term, and complex. That a good search engine optimization for one-time 190 euros is just as little to have, as a real Swiss luxury watch in an Asian online shop, should be clear to non-experts with a little thought. If nothing happens after commissioning and only the paid money is gone, you are still lucky! Just like a fake pill can make you sick, improper SEO can cause great damage: If the alleged “expert” uses methods that Google does not allow, Google often punishes this severely: You can even be banned from the Goggle directory altogether with your website and thus become virtually “invisible” for searchers. Such damage would only be repairable in a lengthy, time-consuming and expensive manner. – If you then also gave these people your access data to the website, this would be like giving a thief the house key so that he cleans up there.

Tips: How to know fraudulent SEO offers?

Let’s take a closer look at the mail:

  • Try searching Google for “search engine marketing google“. Right! You can find all kinds of things, but not “search engine”. These SEO optimizers are themselves already completely kicked out of the Google index. – All right?
  • Be a little suspicious if an offer seems to be unbeatable value and also there is only 1 day to decide. (Time pressure is a very popular ploy). SEO is also not a small, one-time magic trick, but a long-term, demanding activity.
  • Look with common sense a little more closely: The email of the German provider has no imprint, professionals do not happen something like that, because it is illegal and a reason for warning. The domain in the sender email address ( differs from the advertised domain of the provider (, this is not a sole criterion but at least unusual.
  • If you search for “Paul Schuster SEO” (or whatever the name is right now), or the company name for short on Google, only warnings and notices pop up.

Enclosed the original mail of the fraudsters in the wording

The messages and the websites of the online fraudsters are always structured according to the same pattern. The names, companies, and mailing addresses don’t really exist, of course:

Good afternoon.

Do you want your website to be in the top 10 search results on Google?

When analyzing the competitiveness of the keywords essential to your industry, we came to the conclusion that it is possible.
After entering keywords related to your industry, internet users should immediately come to your website among the first search results. Right now, that’s where they find your competition.

We would like to offer you the following:

We will carry out a complex optimization of your website, as a result of which your company will be on the first page of Google search results.

You only have to pay a one-time fee (no subscription and no hidden costs).

We guarantee clear and transparent rules.

We would be pleased if our offer appeals to you.

Unique opportunity!
Only now until 08.12.2015 we offer you an optimization package for your website for the price of 190,- EUR

We invite you to visit our website.


Yours sincerely.
Paul Schuster
Web agency

Unfortunately, website beetles fall for such a scam again and again.

If in doubt, please ask us briefly if such offers come to your table, we will be happy to help you.

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