Connect external MS Exchange server

External MS Exchange server

You want to connect your own Microsoft Exchange server – or one managed for you by your IT provider – to a domain hosted at TBA-Berlin? No problem!

1. name server of your domain at TBA

An MX address can only redirect to a domain, not to an IP address. With a trick it works anyway.

If the destination address of the server is an IP address and not a domain name, configure the name server of your domain as follows:

Click on the image to enlarge it in a new window

(Look for the final dots after the entries in the left column).

We can do this configuration for you if you tell us the IP of your MS Exchange server.

2. e-mail dispatch (SMTP) via the MS Exchange server

To avoid relay problems, the MS Exchange server must be set to the host name and port 465.
The dispatch is then encrypted via SSL.

Authentication at our mail server is always done with the e-mail address as username and the corresponding password. To do this, you can simply create a dummy mailbox for your domain to receive the authentication data.

3. SSL certificates

It may also happen that the certificates for SSL encryption are not automatically detected. In this case, simply download the two certificates and install them by double-clicking on the respective file. You can find the matching certificates here.

4. tips & tricks

You can find more tips and tricks from our provider partner DF.EU here:


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