Webmail – online editing with Roundcube

Webmail – online editing with Roundcube

For online processing of your e-mails managed by TBA-Berlin, we offer you a separate web interface that you can access via any normal web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox or Safari).

This means that in addition to your normal e-mail programs on the PC or mobile (e.g. Outlook and Apple Mail), you can also edit your e-mails online directly on the server.

Try editing your emails directly in your web browser now and login here:

Tips / FAQ

You can set the browser to remember the login details (your email credentials) from webmail: the web browser will then store them internally and will automatically fill in the login form when you call Roundcube-Webmail again.

Of course, you should only do this if you are the only one using the computer and web browser there that you are working with Roundcube with. Otherwise, anyone could log in with this browser and view and edit your emails.

We generally recommend using a password manager to remember passwords.

If you use webmail frequently, it is a good idea to save a bookmark to the Roundcube website in the browser you use, which you reach after clicking the "Webmail login" button.

Roundcube webmail is intended only as an extra feature for special situations.

You should also set up the email account in a normal email program (e.g. Apple Mail, Outlook) on your computer, e.g. to have backups.

Most email clients are easier to use and have more features.


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