Your website has been hacked?

Our malware removal and website recovery services after hacking attacks include the following tasks:

  • Cleaning up the website
  • Finding and patching the vulnerability
  • Securing the website
  • One month monitoring

We specialize in WordPress website recovery, but can likely help with many other situations as well.

We offer this service in cooperation with an international renowned partner company in our network, which has specialized in security solutions on the Internet.

In the case of a fully compromised dedicated or VPS server, root access (SSH) is required. FTP and protocol access are required for a shared hosting account. If an administration panel is installed (cPanel/WHM, Plesk, Webmin, WordPress, Joomla), we need access to it.

Please note that direct access to the live website or server is required and no work is possible via a desktop sharing application (e.g. TeamViewer).

We have an eye on data protection issues that could arise from the GDPR mandate.

Please calculate with approx. 250-450 Euro per website.