The center of the

For many companies, the digital presence is the central medium for communication. It can also be perfectly controlled, planned and checked. No other medium allows so many effective forms of communication in combination.

It is our profession and greatest passion to realize text, image, animation, film and interaction and to combine them into a unique website.

Visionary techniques and proven methods

The right combination of visionary techniques and proven methods is the foundation for successful and stable websites of all requirements. In doing so, we keep an eye on the continuous technical and legal changes and take current user behaviour into account.

For us, an excellent technical solution always includes an equally excellent design and its high usability. Our goal is to create a website that communicates perfectly and whose well thought-out design skilfully supports the brand image of your company.

Our websites provide brand awareness, information, interaction and e-commerce.

How flexible can it be?

Many companies today prefer to use standardized content management systems for their corporate websites. Even without programming knowledge  are there with coordinated user rights content subsequently changeable. Design updates and common function extensions (e.g. forms and galleries) are easily and quickly possible.

Custom programming, on the other hand, offers maximum individuality and flexibility; special websites often programmed completely free. Even if there are ready-made solutions, these often have to be adapted to your own requirements. For most companies a complete individual programming is not necessary due to the requirements. An individually developed software can be adapted to its business models to the maximum and mean a competitive advantage over generally available standard software.

Often combinations of these software principles are interesting, for example equipping a standard software with individual modules or equipping individual software with ready-made program libraries.

Modular Content Management Systems (CMS)

Contents can be changed by customers without programming knowledge System is flexibly expandable with modules (new pages, forms, galleries, etc.)

Individual programming CMS with own templates

Maximum individuality and flexibility Competitive advantage over ready-made systems

Our two favorites

Because we focus on these two selected CMS systems, we can offer a lot of experience and competence in the use of this software.

WordPress and ProcessWire are different, sophisticated content management systems that allow us to offer a wide range of possibilities. ProcessWire is custom programmed for you, with WordPress we combine ready-made third-party templates and plugins with our own programming and applications.

In addition, offer the installation and support of Internet forums with its own CMS (Xenforo).

Examples (Responsive Design)

In preparation – Here we will soon show examples of our projects. Our websites work automatically on all common browsers and mobile devices and adapt accordingly (“responsive”).
Until then, visit our design website of the TBA-Hamburg.