Continuous and timely updates of operating systems, browsers, etc. are becoming increasingly important. The Internet and its forms of use are subject to constant change and development. In addition to optimal operation within various constantly evolving systems, it is often security issues that require ongoing updates to website maintenance. If these updates are ignored, a website can become unstable or vulnerable to attack.


For ProcessWire websites implemented by TBA-Hamburg/Berlin, which are provided by TBA on its own web servers, we offer comprehensive maintenance services, which we highly recommend. The first 6 months after online start are maintained free of charge with the appropriate BASIC package.

Depending on the complexity and usage of the website, we offer three different packages. The small package covers the necessary routine updates. The 2nd package supplements the offer with, among other things, a regular manual look at the website by a ProcessWire expert. Or, for high traffic websites shops or more extensive teams, frequent mirroring (backup) of content may be necessary.


Maintenance of ProcessWire systems can also be performed by you or your IT team, or you can order customizations from us on an individual basis as needed. What to consider here:

  • You should have solid basic knowledge (HTML, FTP, ProcessWire).
  • You run the risk of overlooking or incorrectly performing maintenance and possibly disrupting the system or not having backups.
  • Our warranty for the software product expires with a maintenance intervention by a third party.
  • Systems maintained by us can also be processed faster and more cost-effectively if there are change requests.
  • The resources you spend internally on maintenance could also be invested by you or your team in your core business.


Unfortunately not. These days, if a professional hacking team specifically targets your website, it’s almost impossible to completely protect yourself, even the NSA had been hacked. However, targeted attacks have not yet occurred in our ProcessWire installations. If the worst comes to the worst, we can keep updates on hand so that the website can be put back online quickly and easily if necessary.

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