Keep your website
safe and up-to-date

Don’t push your luck. Editable websites (content management systems) are ultimately software, and software on the Internet can unfortunately be hacked.

Continuous updating of software is the best protection against attacks from the network, because updates often include important security improvements. Of course, we have a few more tricks up our sleeves to create even more protection. Unfortunately, there is no 100% protection on the Internet (even the NSA could be hacked), but the risk can be significantly reduced with appropriate measures.

A nice side effect of up-to-date software is that web applications will continue to harmonize perfectly with new browsers and operating systems. Because the Internet is constantly evolving at a rapid pace.

The TBA update service and maintenance
Managed WordPress & ProcessWire

By “managed CMS” we understand the takeover of the maintenance of your content management system (WordPress or ProcessWire) and all included elements (theme/plug-ins) as well as the necessary backups by TBA-Berlin.

“Managed CMS” service we offer in combination with/beginning from our web hosting package “TBA-S”.

The benefits for you:

Our premium support for our “Managed” maintenance packages offers decisive advantages, beyond mere maintenance.

You have a direct contact person who has a lot of experience in dealing with the systems. In most cases, we have programmed your website (we usually offer maintenance contracts only to our clients) and know it intimately.

We also have a good overview of the context of the project and know the people involved. Almost like a project management, we can communicate with the designers, layouters, content editors, SEO teams, legal advisors, web hosts, email services directly over the short wire when issues arise or things need to be decided.

You will be kept up to date (how detailed, you decide), but in most cases you do not need to take care of the technical details and problem solutions yourself.

Unfortunately, countless hackers around the world try to gain access to interactive websites that are controlled by a content management system, e.g. WordPress. Solche gehackten Websites werden dann für illegale Zwecke aller Art genutzt und vermietet.

We “harden” the security of your website against typical attacks through targeted measures, on the server and in the code of your website, e.g. through special settings and plug-ins or even an web application “firewall”.

In addition, we keep the CMS system and the installed plug-ins up to date, so we perform all necessary updates for you in a timely manner. This offers you a high degree of security.

In addition, you fulfill an important requirement of the GDPR, which obliges you to keep software that manages personal data (including content management systems) up to date.

Fast-loading websites play an increasingly important role in success. Users with mobile devices in particular no longer have the patience to wait long for a page to load. In search engine optimization (SEO), speed is also an important ranking factor for mobile websites and ensures an improved presence in the search results of Google & Co.

In addition to sufficient hardware equipment, which our business server offers, speed also depends on the software.

We configure your content management system to run fast and smoothly and install and manage specialized cache plug-ins.

In the unlikely event that your CMS website gets hacked (WordPress and especially ProcessWire are considered very secure, problems often come from third-party plug-ins), we will take care of getting your website back usable quickly.

If necessary, we import backups, which we create regularly beforehand for this purpose.

Backups and version management are also useful if an error should occur after a misuse by an editor or a software update. Auch hier brauchen Sie sich keine Sorgen zu machen, wir können ganz einfach zur vorherigen Version zurückwechseln.

These backups save the database and all data at the same time, so that at the time of the backup everything fits together (“snaphot”) and after a restore everything is back exactly as it was at the time of the backups.

The choice is yours!

Opt for the inexpensive basic cover or our premium cover with additional benefits.

The packages essentially differ according to the purpose of the website:

  • Is it a website where hardly anything is changed?
    Our BASIC package is often sufficient.
  • Is the website still under construction or an ongoing expansion with new content and features?
    Then we would recommend the STANDARD package.
  • Is it a well-frequented website, e.g. with shop and user areas?
    Our ADVANCED package then offers many premium extras.

Maintenance – Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Of course! – You could theoretically do maintenance yourself in many cases. In our experience, however, maintenance is often forgotten by the customer after a while, put on hold, or carelessness and errors occur. In the worst case, this will cause a website to fail or enable successful attacks.

Under no circumstances, however, do we advise you to consider maintenance as “unimportant”, to refrain from it, and to simply take your chances. It is then usually not a question of if something will happen, but when. Downed websites mean hassle, loss of business and damage to your image. Later repairs can quickly become expensive.

Weighing cost savings and effort

Even if all goes well, does that really save money? Only you can answer this question, if you calculate the effort against it: Maintenance requires working time, the will to familiarize yourself with an unrelated topic, experience with computers and the Internet, but also the discipline for a certain regularity. But do you want to put that on yourself or your team? For us, the work is everyday and routine, for you it may not be.

Maintenance is a service

It may sound surprising: We don’t see maintenance as a clever business model, but as a genuine service for our customers. We don’t want to deliver websites and leave our customers alone with them, even if that would be more convenient. We see the partnership with our customers as a long-term one. In addition: If our web creations, in which often a lot of work and heart blood is put, are to be seen permanently online and function as expected, we are just as happy as you are.

Our maintenance runs software-supported. We have monitoring on our servers and can see what updates are needed and can do them semi-automatically. This enables us to achieve optimised regular basic cover at very moderate prices.

Do you need maintenance?

The website is up and running, isn’t it?

When we deliver a website, it is technically up to date and running as a matter of course. Even if unexpected errors should occur later, which can never be ruled out with technically complex websites, these will of course be corrected by us within the usual warranty periods.

However, the Web continues to evolve at a rapid pace. The times when a website is developed once like a brochure and the web project is completed afterwards are also over in technical terms. Updates for content management systems, for example, come almost weekly, and among them may be components important for the security and stability of the system.

Just ignore maintenance?

Not a good idea. Then a hacking is only a matter of time, often with consequences for the company’s reputation, sales, operational processes – and usually also means a breach of the GDPR obligation that should not be underestimated.

Think of maintenance as an investment in the long-term value of your intricately built website.

Do maintenance yourself?

Yes, but… Having maintenance done by your own team is one way…until the moment it goes wrong. Then know-how is required and good backup copies. Not every company can afford its own IT department with solid web skills. In addition, maintenance by an external specialist is often more time-saving and cost-effective; your employees can devote themselves to their actual tasks.

WordPress can now automatic updates?

Yes, and of course we use the feature on smaller marketing websites where it makes sense. However, this mechanism should not be relied upon without reservation. Larger version jumps are often only possible manually, as accompanying tasks and compatibility checks have to be carried out. In addition, certain (sometimes system-critical) modules can only be updated manually; these would quickly be overlooked by an automatic system.

Since automatic updates are also a source of problems and, in the worst case, can crash a website or disrupt its layout, we maintain all updates manually for critical websites to prevent any outages.

Maintenance prices start from “moon price” and go up to “stars”? Not with us.

We also have an interest and pleasure when our delivered
websites also run stably and securely in the long term. It facilitates and
minimizes our support, and later expansion requests for a
website are much easier to implement if the basic system is always up to date.

We calculate essential basic insurance for our customers on a cost recovery basis. Because it is important to us to be able to offer this service to all customers, including our start-ups, if possible. Basic security is better than none, and experience shows that it covers about 90% of problem areas.

Our maintenance packages are of course scalable to meet higher demands, such as content monitoring, telephone training on the content management system for new employees, or even small programming tasks.

What is the special feature of maintenance by the TBA?

We use a self-developed monitoring software to reliably monitor certain processes and website states. This significantly increases the speed of response to problems compared to manual, purely deadline-based checks.

Cheap is safe


small Business / Pilot
18 from / per month
  • Security-related updates
  • Software updates, monthly
  • E-mail support


smart business
49 from / per month
  • Security-related updates
  • Software updates, weekly
  • Visual function test, monthly
  • Back-up weekly, automatic
  • DSGVO updates
  • E-mail / telephone support
  • Reduced adjustments


E-commerce, etc.
a.A. upon request
  • Security-related updates
  • Software updates, weekly
  • Visual function test, weekly
  • Back-up daily / as required
  • DSGVO monitoring/updates
  • Web Application Firewall
  • E-mail/telephone support (emergency number)
  • Supervision of the editing teams
  • Goodwill adjustments