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What is web hosting?

An Internet presence consists of several components. You need your website first of course, this is a preparation of your content (text/picture/film) via some kind of programming.

In order for this website to be visible on the Internet, it also needs a domain (web address) under which this website can be searched. And you need a computer that is connected to the Internet 24/7 (web server), which will display your website whenever your user calls it up. This is what web hosting is all about.

By “web hosting” we therefore mean the online provision of your websites, Internet programs (content management systems, web stores, forums) and e-mail mailboxes via a specialized computer (web server) permanently connected to the Internet and, in addition, the reservation and management of your domains (addresses).

Other tasks include supervision (monitoring) and clarification of any questions you may have on this subject.

Web hosting does not include the recommended regular support, maintenance and updating of your website. We also have suitable offers for you.

Our Web Hosting Offer

Our core business is web design/web programming. However, we know from experience that many customers “simply” want a functioning website. Understandably, they don’t want to deal with the many technical issues involved in getting online. Therefore, we offer the web hosting required for the online presence of a website as an “all-round carefree package” at the same time.

This benefits you and us, a classic “win-win” situation:

Good for you as a customer

If TBA programs your company website and you use our web hosting, you get your entire technical Internet presence from a single source. So you have one contact for web programming and web hosting.

Our powerful servers are located in modern European data centers of proven German partner companies (server providers), with whom we have been working successfully and smoothly for many years.

The necessary regular tasks around the web hosting (e.g. the supervision of websites (monitoring), server optimizations, the domain management, e-mail setups, security certificates) are then in our hands, you do not have to worry about it.

Good for our web development and support

We know our servers inside out. The hardware and our software work together perfectly: We match the web programming very precisely to the capabilities of the web server.

This enables us to operate routinely and smoothly.

Exclusive offer

Our web hosting is an exclusive offer for our customers. – We usually offer our server space only for website projects created by us. Our web hosting is of course not a “must”, but just like website maintenance, it is intended as a useful additional offer for our customers.

Questions and answers about web hosting

What alternatives do you have?

Our web hosting is intended as an additional offer to our customers, not a “must have”. Of course, you can also organize the management of your domains, e-mail traffic, online provision of your website yourself if the greatest possible independence from your website provider is important to you or if you already have a provider.

Solution variants: Your externally managed domains and/or own e-mail servers can be linked to our web servers. Or you want to manage the web server completely by yourself: We would then hand over your new website to you as a file or install it for you at your provider and from the handover on we take care of everything ourselves.

The necessary regular tasks around the web hosting (that are among other things control measurements, server optimizations, the domain extension, e-mail facilities, security certificates) are then if necessary alone in your hands. It is advantageous if you are somewhat familiar with web hosting, as a lot can go wrong here.

Your external e-mail server, e.g. Microsoft Exchange, can continue to be used without any problems. In case we should manage your domain, we will store the special domain settings required by your software and link your e-mail server to the domain in this way. We deactivate our own e-mail management and redirect the e-mail traffic arriving here to your server.

Our web hosting is a mixed pricing:

  • We rent precisely selected servers on which we provide your website online (passed on third-party costs) and configure these servers specifically according to the technical requirements of your website.
  • In addition, we take into account the typical monthly workload (empirical values):
    You have a contact person (personal support, not a call center) who is technically familiar with the projects.

In particular, our fast personal support and good overview of the overall project distinguishes our “one-stop-shop” solution from typical “pure” web hosting offers.

Comparative prices from large hosting providers for a permanent contact person (no call center), for example, start at around 25 euros per month.

The server location should always be as close as possible to your customers.

If your customers are mainly from Germany and the server is located in the USA or India, this would be suboptimal. Our main servers are located in Frankfurt/Main and Strasbourg.

If the customer base is international, you can distribute the server location virtually to many countries via a CDN (Content Delivery Network). Many elements that require long loading times, such as videos and images, are then loaded directly as a copy via a nearby server of this network and only interaction with the website (e.g. orders) or webstite updates continue to take place via the original main server.