Website support

Your website is ready?
The next steps

After your new website is ready, the next steps are to make your web presence visible on the Internet and to protect your website against attacks. For this, we offer special optional but recommended web packages that start exactly here.

Web hosting ensures that you get an address where the website can be found (domain). You will get a web server space where your website will be displayed 24/7 when you call it. You will also get email mailboxes matching your domain.

Another important step after that would be to secure the website and keep it technically up-to-date. You can delegate that completely to us if you like.

Our offers for hosting and maintenance

Online provision
(web hosting)

We make your web pages, databases and e-mails accessible online 24/7 through our professional business servers.

We take care of the complicated technical details of server management for you.

Website support
(Managed Services)

Our coordinated service packages ensure stability and security.

As a bookable subscription we secure WordPress, ProcessWire and other content management systems (e.g. stores and forums) constantly against attacks on the Internet.