Keep website secure and up to date

Don’t push your luck. Continuous updating of software is the best protection against attacks from the net, because updates often include security improvements. In addition, software maintenance ensures that the web applications also harmonize perfectly with new browsers and operating systems. Because the Internet is constantly evolving at a rapid pace.

Service and maintenance offers for WordPress & Co.

You have The Choice!
Opt for the inexpensive basic cover or our premium cover with additional benefits. The packages essentially differ according to the purpose of the website.

  • Is it a website where hardly anything is changed?
    Our BASIC package is often sufficient.
  • Is the website still under construction or an ongoing expansion with new content and features?
    Then we would recommend the STANDARD package.
  • Is it a well-frequented website, e.g. with shop and user areas?
    Our ADVANCED package then offers many premium extras.