Update service & maintenance

Our “Managed WordPress” service is available as an add-on starting with our “TBA-M” hosting package, which is perfectly tailored to the demanding storage and speed requirements of WordPress.


Unfortunately, countless hackers around the world are trying to gain access to websites. Such hacked websites are then used and rented out for illegal purposes of all kinds.

In the “Managed WordPress package, we implement security measures that make WordPress more robust against attacks.

We also set up website encryption (SSL) for you and customize WordPress accordingly. Encryption when using forms is even mandatory under the GDPR. In addition, encryption is an important ranking factor in search engine optimization (SEO).

In addition, we keep WordPress and usually also the theme used (visual look) and the installed plugins up to date, so we perform the necessary updates for you and then check that the updates do not cause any compatibility problems.

Backups & Restore

If your WordPress website has been hacked anyway, we’ll help your website become usable again. If necessary, we import backups that we had previously saved for this purpose.

Backups can also help if an error occurs after an update. Again, you don’t have to worry about anything yourself.

These backups save the database and all data at the same time, so that at the time of the backup everything fits together (“snaphot”) and after a restore everything is back exactly as it was at the time of the backup; no manual rework is required.


Fast loading websites are increasingly important for your success. Especially users with mobile devices don’t have the patience to wait long for a page to load. Also in search engine optimization (SEO), loading speed is becoming an increasingly important ranking factor for mobile websites and leads to an improved presence in the search results of Google & Co.

In addition to sufficient hardware equipment, which our business server (from the web package “M”) offers, the speed is also software-dependent. We set WordPress to run fast and smoothly, and install and manage specialized caching plugins.


One of the biggest advantages is our premium support. You have a direct contact person who has a lot of experience in working with WordPress systems.


Continuous updates of operating systems, browsers, etc. are now part of everyday life in the online world and are increasing significantly. The World Wide Web and its forms of use are not fixed parameters, but are subject to constant change and development.

Besides the optimal operation within different permanently developing systems, it is often security aspects that make continuous website maintenance necessary. Hardly a week goes by without software updates being made available by the respective third-party providers in order to keep the website secure and stable in the future. If these updates are ignored, a website can become unstable or open the door to hackers.


For WordPress websites implemented by TBA-Hamburg/Berlin, combined with web hosting by TBA, we offer comprehensive care & maintenance services, which we highly recommend. The first 6 months after online start are maintained free of charge with the appropriate Basic package.

Depending on the complexity and usage of the website, we offer three different packages. The small package takes care of the necessary routine updates. The 2nd package adds to the offer, among other things, a regular manual look at the website by a WordPress expert. Or, for high traffic websites shops or more extensive teams, frequent mirroring (backup) of content may be necessary.


Of course, maintenance of content management systems can also be done by you or your IT team. What to consider here:

  • You should have solid basic knowledge (HTML, FTP, CMS).
  • You assume the risk of overlooking or performing maintenance incorrectly and possibly disrupting the system or not having backups.
  • Our warranty for the software product set up or programmed by us expires with a maintenance intervention by a third party.
  • Systems maintained by us can also be processed faster and more cost-effectively if there are change requests.
  • The resources you spend internally on maintenance could also be invested in your core business.


No. These days, if a professional hacking team is targeting your website, it’s almost impossible to completely protect yourself. However, targeted attacks have not yet occurred with our customers. Much more inconspicuous, but just as dangerous, is so-called hacker software, which automatically scans websites for security vulnerabilities and exploits any gaps found in order to integrate malicious and foreign content on the website. Our service closes security gaps that have been brought to our attention by third parties or other sources very quickly. An update can also be kept on hand just in case, so that the website can be put back online quickly and easily if necessary.

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