Internet provision

Your web pages, databases and e-mails are managed for you on our professionally managed business servers at the TBA and made available for the Internet. We completely take over the complicated technical details for a smooth server operation from you.

Our Web Hosting Offer

By “web hosting” we mean the online provision of your websites, Internet programs (content management systems, web shops, forums) and e-mail boxes via a specialized computer (web server) permanently connected to the Internet.

We also reserve and manage your domains.

Our advantages

All inclusive:

We use modern, powerful web servers. We distribute this computing power to only a few, selected TBA customers, and in the case of special requirements, also to individual customers or projects:

  • Fewer customers on the webserver means: more power per customer. Knowing our selected server customers precisely avoids unpleasant surprises: Server overloads due to computationally intensive programs or misconduct of individual customers are avoided. Optimal server performance is thus guaranteed: Your web pages always load quickly via the TBA server - even at peak times, e.g. in the early evening hours. - Your website visitors and your search engine optimizers (SEO teams) will thank you.
  • We also offer high-end solutions where only one client or even just one project is managed on its own managed server. This can be useful for larger shop systems, for example.
  • Best possible data security and an online availability of the data services of 99.9% (TBA "DF" server) is made possible through
    1. a constant data mirroring,
    2. daily automatic backups,
    3. a standby replacement server in case of failure,
    4. an automatic "around the clock" monitoring and a
    5. Server administration by a team of specialists at a leading German business provider.
  • We keep our server hardware and software up to date. In this way, we always keep an eye on the constantly growing technical requirements that are placed on modern websites.
  • Due to the fast and multiple connection to a central Internet "node" (main feed into the Internet), bottlenecks are avoided and users from home and abroad benefit from short provisioning times of their Internet pages.

Our EU servers are located in modern data centers in France (Strasbourg) and Germany (Cologne and Frankfurt) and are managed by German providers.

This guarantees a reliable and extremely fast Internet connection, especially for Europeans. Your website data doesn't have to travel halfway around the world from server to web user.

Strict EU data protection also applies.

Google also considers the server location when ranking. A location close to the company can therefore also bring SEO benefits.

We support you with the necessary administration work (managing e-mail accounts and web access, software settings). You don't have to worry about anything.

Included in our web packages is free support time - scaled by package size - which is sufficient for common requirements.

  • Server setup
    We set up server space, the software, and email for you, and resolve technical issues that arise with website programming directly with the provider data center without boring you with the details.
  • Regular monitoring
    In our weekly monitoring, we check the load on the server by the software installed there for critical behavior and check whether limits are reached in the hard disk usage ("quota").
  • Personalized service
    You have us as a personal point of contact and don't have to deal with the technically demanding details of server maintenance and upkeep. Our support goal is to respond to your emails with questions and requests about the server within one business day. In the actively managed service offerings, we do not just act on request, but actively monitor defined tasks and work together with your IT teams.

    You automatically benefit from having access to special premium support at our providing partner (applies to our "DF" servers). This means that even unusual challenges in terms of server set-up and maintenance can be competently solved in cooperation with the external team of technical experts.

  • Emergency Support
    For urgent cases, we can also be reached via SMS to a special support hotline outside office hours.

    In most cases, we have access to special 24/7 emergency support at the provider to have serious problems (for example, hardware failures, anti-hacking measures or necessary emergency restores of hard disk contents and databases from backups) fixed even outside business hours. This emergency support may be chargeable depending on the problem.

Our philosophy

Our core business is web design/web programming. Since we know from experience that with hosting on foreign servers many unknown components come along, which make programming more difficult, we prefer for our customers a server place on own efficient servers, which we know exactly and have optimized for our requirements. These servers are located in modern European data centers at top business providers.

Everyone benefits from this, a classic “win-win” situation:

Good for you
If TBA programs your company website and you use our web hosting, you get your entire technical Internet presence from a single source. You have one contact person for web and hosting. You don’t have to worry about anything and you don’t have to stress about technical details.

Good for us
Our hardware and software work perfectly together: We match the web programming very precisely to the capabilities of the web server. This enables us to operate routinely and smoothly.

Exclusive offer
Our web hosting is an exclusive offer for our customers. For security reasons, we generally only offer our server space to projects that we subsequently maintain and update ourselves.