Internet provision

Your web pages, databases and e-mails are managed for you on our professionally managed business servers at the TBA and made available for the Internet. We completely take over the complicated technical details for a smooth server operation from you.

Our Web Hosting Offer

By “web hosting” we mean the online provision of your websites, Internet programs (content management systems, web shops, forums) and e-mail boxes via a specialized computer (web server) permanently connected to the Internet.

We also reserve and manage your domains.

Our advantages

All inclusive:

Our philosophy

Our core business is web design/web programming. Since we know from experience that with hosting on foreign servers many unknown components come along, which make programming more difficult, we prefer for our customers a server place on own efficient servers, which we know exactly and have optimized for our requirements. These servers are located in modern European data centers at top business providers.

Everyone benefits from this, a classic “win-win” situation:

Good for you
If TBA programs your company website and you use our web hosting, you get your entire technical Internet presence from a single source. You have one contact person for web and hosting. You don’t have to worry about anything and you don’t have to stress about technical details.

Good for us
Our hardware and software work perfectly together: We match the web programming very precisely to the capabilities of the web server. This enables us to operate routinely and smoothly.

Exclusive offer
Our web hosting is an exclusive offer for our customers. For security reasons, we generally only offer our server space to projects that we subsequently maintain and update ourselves.