Email Campaign Software

Email Campaign Software

You want to provide newsletters for your customers?

Email marketing means sending targeted newsletters and other mailings reliably and measuring campaign success directly.

Mass e-mailing of newsletters is either done via in-house professional software or you use specialized online providers who take care of everything for you conveniently, legally compliant and reliably(outsourcing).

It is not advisable to use your normal email program and email account for this in most cases.

E-mail program

Maximum 50 addressees

Mass mailings (more than 50 addressees in a short period of time) via your normal web/e-mail provider are usually contractually prohibited by them. This can lead to termination without notice or contractual penalties.

Expensive legal mistakes happen quickly, e.g. with data protection (DSGVO).

If you do accidentally end up in a SPAM filter, your own e-mail address is often temporarily crippled.

Even if the temptation is great: We do not recommend it. You may be cutting corners at the wrong end.

External Shipper

Any shipping quantities

Lots of know how, lots of help, ready to use design templates and configurators. Good support for questions.

Easier to comply with data protection hurdles (DSGVO), e.g. double opt-in procedure for newsletter registration and good protection of lists from hackers.

Mostly good value for money with normal newsletter volume.

Special software

Large shipping quantities

The use of in-house special software requires a lot of know-how for this very complex matter.

The use of in-house specialist software requires a great deal of expertise in this very complex area.

Requires a lot of know-how for this very complex matter.

You usually need special contracts and paid permissions from your internet/email provider.

Pitfalls are, for example, the exact compliance with all tight legal and contractual conditions, the technically correct implementation in order not to be filtered as a SPAM sender and the often quite complex setup and operation of the software.

In comparison, acquisition and administration are usually only worthwhile from a large frequency and range.

Our recommendation

In the vast majority of cases, we recommend using an external e-mail sender. When choosing the right provider, look for security and data protection (e.g. a dispatch server in Germany), reliable dispatch, spam filter protection, convenient management of your address lists and newsletters, and optimal evaluation options for your e-mail campaigns.

We took a close look at important providers (including MailChimp, SendinBlue, CleverReach, CleverElements) and currently decided on the provider SendinBlue: they have good references, a usable programming interface (API) and also fit our catalog of requirements in other respects.

There are, of course, a number of other good German services, e.g., However, we have no experience / cooperation with these or had found too big hurdles when testing such systems (dealbreakers). However, as this market is constantly evolving, we are keeping an eye on these alternatives.

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