WordPress login hangs: “upgrade.php?%2Fwp-admin%”

WordPress login goes wrong?
White page and %Code in the URL?


After login,the page remains white and the browser URL contains this text:



WordPress tried an automatic update, it went wrong.

The files were updated, but the database was not. Now the database does not fit.

There should have been a dialog that WordPress needs a database update, which you can then start by pressing a button.

At this point, however, there is only a white page instead.

Our solution

We have successfully tested the following solution (WordPress 6.3 – August 2023):

  1. Via FTP we go to the WordPress directory “wp-login”.
  2. We open the file “update.php”.
  3. There we change in the line
    “define( ‘WP_INSTALLING’, true );”
    the word “true” to “false”.
  4. Now we do a refresh of the page and get the dialog we are looking for:
  5. We click the update button.
  6. We go into update and there on WordPress “reinstall” (this installs again everything cleanly and undoes among other things our change of the “upgrade.php”):





Other solutions

Here are more suggested solutions:



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