Apple Mail: What to do if you have connection problems

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If Apple Mail on your MacBook, iPhone or iPad is having trouble connecting to our email server, please go through the following list and check if all settings are still up to date. At the beginning of 2015 some necessary settings have changed!

Server name

The correct server names for SSL encryption are:

Server Port Connection security
Incoming mail server (POP3) 995 SSL / TLS
Incoming mail server (IMAP) 993 SSL / TLS
Outgoing mail server 465 SSL / TLS


Correct server settings in Apple Mail

1. incoming mail server:

  • In Apple Mail, click on “Preferences” at the top of “Mail
  • Select the appropriate email account
  • Now click on the “Advanced” tab and uncheck “Automatically detect and apply account settings”.
  • Close the window and save the change
  • Now enter the server name for an encrypted connection under the “Account information” tab.
  • Check that SSL is enabled and the port is set to 993 for IMAP or 995 for POP3
  • For IMAP, check that INBOX is entered for IMAP path prefix.
  • Save the changes

2. outgoing mail server:

  • In Apple Mail, click on “Preferences” at the top of “Mail
  • Select the appropriate email account
  • Under the Account Information tab, select Edit SMTP Server List from the SMTP Server drop-down menu.
  • Now change the SMTP server to for an encrypted connection and check in the “Advanced” tab if SSL is enabled and the port is set to 465 .

(Source: This post is taken with slight adaptations from the blog of our provider DF.EU from the same day).

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