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Category: Security

Fake Domain Abuse Reports on the Way

We are receiving bogus “Domain Abuse Reports” threatening to shut down one of our customers’ domains if you don’t download and open a file from somewhere within 24 hours. Of course! I’d love to!

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Email account hacked? What is to be done?

Do you suspect that your email account has been accessed and used by strangers? For example, are there suspicious emails on the email account that have nothing to do with you, mails in the outbox folder, suspicious replies to mysterious emails?
We give you tips on what to do then. Our customers are also welcome to contact us. We are at your side with advice and support.

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Old Internet Explorer versions become a risk

In the just delivered February update of “Windows” many security holes in “Windows”, “Office”, and the two included browsers “Internet Explorer” and “Edge” are plugged again. We recommend our customers to use only a “Windows” version 7 or higher, to install the security update as soon as possible – if this is not done automatically – and to allow the automatic installation of updates in Windows.

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SEO Fraud – New wave of spam – Detect fraud and spam

Is it possible to get SEO optimization for a one-time fee of 190 Euro? Daily rates of SEO experts – depending on qualification, number of clients, complexity and competition – can range from 300 to several thousand euros. Surely you should grab it at such a bargain? Right?

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Web Application Firewall

In the last 6 months we had successfully tested a web application firewall for our own domain TBA-Berlin.de. This is software that always precedes other installed web programs and checks for unusual actions or even intrusion attempts according to certain filter systems.

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