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In the last 6 months we had successfully tested a web application firewall for our own domain TBA-Berlin.de. This is software that always precedes other installed web programs and checks for unusual actions or even intrusion attempts according to certain filter systems.

We can now offer a new web application firewall to interested customers with a maintenance contract.

Typical applications

1. protection of special software / older software

For example, you are forced to run certain special software or older programming. Reasons can be, for example, a special interface to your accounting or the further development of the urgently needed software has been discontinued. The robustness against the very current threats from the Internet is difficult to assess after a while.

Malicious requests are intercepted by an upstream firewall using the latest technology before reaching the actual (older) software and potentially causing damage.

2. responsibilities under the GDPR.

The new data protection regulation obliges website operators to secure their websites when personal data is collected.

So if personal data is collected, a firewall simply provides an extra layer of protection in critical cases.

3. reputation

There is no such thing as 100% secure programming. Reputational damage can occur if, in the event of a successful attack, manipulated websites deliver malicious code to your visitors or expose others to malicious attacks in the time between attack and discovery. Google often even takes hacked websites out of the search index for a while, your website will simply not be found anymore.

Here a firewall helps, as an additional protection according to the newest technology, so that such a case does not occur at all.

3. customer interactions (shops, member areas)

The likelihood of successful attacks increases with the complexity of a system, especially in content management (WordPress, etc.). Often, after an attack, you can restore a previously backed up version and the tampering would be automatically removed. But sometimes you would lose important data, especially if the backup was done a while ago. This can be especially critical for shop systems, newsletter registrations, forums, membership areas.

Also, a firewall helps prevent attacks as an additional independent layer of protection.

Will the website slow down with a firewall?

Our test result shows: The protection software is so fast that you virtually don’t notice it, and it doesn’t interfere with downstream software if it’s set up correctly.

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