DSGVO after 6 weeks – comment

The new European data protection law, the GDPR, has now been active for 6 weeks. Interim status.

The last 3 months at TBA Berlin & Hamburg were dominated by the DSGVO.

The rightly feared wave of warning letters since 25.5.2018 has so far failed to materialize. The reason seems to lie in the great legal uncertainty in many sub-areas of the GDPR, see a recent article on this from the FAZ. But postponed is not canceled.

Our goal is to keep our customers’ websites “watertight” in terms of the latest information.

All websites had to be adapted, as much of what was previously common and considered good programming style (e.g. linking a website to external resources for speed reasons, such as Google Fonts) is now probematic. For example, according to court testimony, IP addresses are personal data and, purely theoretically, third parties providing external services for websites could do something with this IP data. This can all be debated and many detailed issues remain unclear. But we are not politicians. Instead, we try to integrate the new circumstances and resulting obligations into our systems in the interests of our customers, and to adapt customer websites accordingly in line with the latest state of knowledge and expertise.

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