Trend: Web design for mobile devices becomes a priority

Optimizing websites for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) is now a necessity. Until now, websites have been created primarily for desktop computers. At first it was a nice "extra" to prepare these pages so that they also work optimally on mobile devices, e.g. through a good "Responsive Design". In the meantime, this situation has changed fundamentally, as access to Internet pages using mobile devices has increased enormously.

The tendencies clearly go in the direction of Responsive Design and also the development hierarchies change, i.e. in the development with the mobile versions is begun and from these a desktop variant is derived.

Also for the ranking in search engines (SEO) the importance of mobile prepared content increases. Google is currently evaluating mobile content separately (in theory, you can even serve completely different content on mobile devices than on desktop views, according to Google). One should keep an eye on the new trends for SEO. The “mobile first” trend is already a good idea for SEO as well, but it can probably become a real fast track soon.


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