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For our customers using the content management software "WebYep", which was discontinued in 2012, we temporarily offered our own support. This support expired at the end of 2015. By now, almost all of our customers have taken advantage of our switch offers to WordPress or ProcessWire, or have had WebYep deactivated when no longer needed.

This text is no longer current – See our June 2018 info update at the bottom of the text.

WebYep is no longer updated

The mini content management system “WebYep”, which was very popular for no web presence, was unfortunately discontinued by the manufacturer in 2012. The now outdated software will sooner or later become a security risk: New forms of hacker attacks emerge almost daily, making it necessary to constantly adapt software on the Internet and secure it against current threats. This protection is now no longer provided. In addition, WebYep is slowly becoming incompatible with newer server environments (e.g. current versions of the PHP programming environment).

Too bad, the WebYep very cleverly filled a gap between a statically programmed website and a real CMS. The software always ran smoothly and our customers found the system very easy to use.

It seems that a successor has been found who wants to further develop WebYep. However, even after 2 years there is still no concrete information or products. This makes it a fact that we have to say goodbye to WebYep.

Alternatives for your website

For our customers who are using WebYep on their website so far, we offer 3 options:

  1. Switch to a modern CMS, such as WordPress. It is generally recommended to revise business websites every 3 years. Use this opportunity for a software change.
  2. You would like to continue using WebYep for the time being? How offer to additionally put a software firewall in place to better protect the downstream, now outdated CMS from attack.
  3. You no longer want to be able to enter content yourself. WebYep will be removed from the website by us. If content changes, it would be updated manually by us in the future.

Please contact us and let us advise you.

NOTE – Update June 2018: – WebYep² is here

Important news all WebYep interested people: Almost 3 years after our original WebYep warning now the happy hint that the project WebYep is now actually offered by another developer in a first new version as WebYep². We haven’t had time to test the update yet, but are happy to see that this beautiful project has a future after all.

For programmers: Go to the new WebYep² project.

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